smart products

add new interactive functionalities

The integration of information and communication technology based on recent innovations in mobile technology offers completely new opportunities for your product.

It is the right time now, to make your product interactive and add a completely new level of customer experience, perhaps even add complete new functionalities that will help you to gain a completely new customer range  and increase your market share.

The beauty of NFC is, that it can be integrated even into very small products without any negative impact of the visual appearance of it. It is key for connect me smart to take care for smart functionalities and smart design of your product at the same time.

The kiss me smart lipstick is just one example of products that connect me smart can create together with you for your specifc business.

all you need is your phone – and NFC – there are almost no limits what you can do.

connect me smart has specialized in different b2b and b2c areas to create your personal and individual approach towards NFC technology

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.